Sephardic Faces 19th Century Curacao

On the occasion of the 30 years celebration vice-president of the Board of Directors, Henry van der Kwast, presented an exposition of original photographs, covering the period 1800-1900, printed in various techniques of the tome, most mounted on cardboard.

Sizes of the original vary from wallet size to large wedding pictures, some are group photos, some are posed portraits and others are souvenir photos.

The exposition shows digital reproductions of the originals scanned and retouched, in some cases repaired and reproducted in 7 colour digital printing on photographic paper. The categories shown are: Weddings, Families and social gatherings, Children, Young people, The Ladies, The Gentlemen, Panoramic Pictures.

Photographers & Studios: Soublette et Fils, Curaçao, Robert Soublette, Saronies-Walerie, Paris, Van der Ree, Curaçao, J.F. Krafft, New York, Julius Penha (amateur), Curaçao, E. Bieberm London, de Castro, Curaçao, Atelier Prinses, Amsterdam, Retrato Exira, Caracas, Vinck Art Studio, Curaçao, Jose E. Uqueto, Manrique y Co., Caracas

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